Exercícios sobre THERE IS e THERE ARE (básico)

1. Observe a imagem e responda.

a) Is there a pizza?
b) Are there four bananas?
c) Are there three sandwiches?
d) Is there a tomato?
e) Are there three oranges?
f) Is there a plate?
g) Are there four cakes?
h) Is there an egg?
i) Is there an apple?
j) Are there three glasses?

2. Sublinhe a opção correta. 

a) There is/are a kite in the sky.
b) There is/are four ants on the grass.
c) There is/are a sandwich in the bag.
d) There is/are six eggs in the basket.
e) There is/are eleven children in the class.
f) There is/are a flower on the table.
g) There is/are two birds in the tree
h) There is/are a chair behind you.


a) Yes, there is.
b) Yes, there are.
c) No, there aren’t.
d) No, there isn’t.
e) Yes, there are.
f) Yes, there is.
g) No, there aren’t.
h) No, there isn’t.
i) No, there isn’t.
j) Yes, there are

a) There is/are a kite in the sky.
b) There is/are four ants on the grass.
c) There is/are a sandwich in the bag.
d) There is/are six eggs in the basket.
e) There is/are eleven children in the class.
f) There is/are a flower on the table.
g) There is/are two birds in the tree
h) There is/are a chair behind you.