Vocabulary: places in town - Exercícios para praticar inglês (there is - there are)

1. Relacione o nome dos lugares às imagens.

bus station
police station
post office 
shopping centre 
sports centre
town square 
train station

2. Onde podemos encontrar estas coisas? Relacione as coisas com os lugares que constam na lista acima.

a) ticket Exemplo: cinema
b) book
c) ball
d) tree
e) money
f) coffee

3. Leia as dicas e encontre os lugares na imagem.

a) It’s behind the shopping centre. Exemplo: Train station
b) It’s behind the park.
c) It’s next to the post office.
d) It’s in front of the cinema.
e) It’s next to the shopping centre.
f) It’s in front of the police station.

4. Faça uma lista com outros lugares na cidade. Exemplos: supermarket, playground.

5. Leia o texto abaixo.


My Cybertown is TanyaCity. I’ve got a big house and lots of friends. There are two shopping centres next to my house with lots of great shops. There’s a museum and a park in front of the library and there are some big houses behind my school. TanyaCity is a beautiful town.

My Cybertown is Fabville. It’s really cool. I ♥ sport, and Fabville has got two sports centres and three parks. My house is next to a big library. In the town square there is a bank and a small post office and there’s a very big hospital. Next to the hospital there’s a great café. In Fabville there aren’t any schools!

Garboton is my Cybertown. It’s got very good connections - there’s a train station and a bus station. There’s a town square in Garboton and there are some shops but there isn’t a shopping centre. There isn’t a museum or a library, but there’s a big police station. It’s my police station! I’m the Chief of Police in Garboton!

True or false?

a) TanyaCity hasn’t got any museums. 
b) TanyaCity has got a library.
c) Fabville hasn’t got any houses.
d) Fabville has got a school.
e) Garboton has got some shops.
f) Garboton has got a train station.

6. Gramática. Complete com there is ou there are. 

a) __________ a big shopping centre in our town.
b) __________ three French girls in my school.
c) __________ some books under your bed.
d) __________ a big party on Saturday. It’s my birthday!
e) __________ a new interactive whiteboard in my class.
f) ___________ two swimming pools in this sports centre.

7. Forme perguntas e respostas. (✗ significa negativa e ✓ afirmativa)

any good films / on TV? ()
Are there any good films on TV?
No, there aren’t.

a) a mobile phone / in your bag? (✓)
b) a swimming pool / in your house? (✗)
c) any English students / in your class? (✓)
d) any libraries / in your town? (✗)

8. Veja as informações abaixo sobre a mochila de Sandra. Encontre e corrija 5 erros que há no texto. 

There’s a pen in my backpack and there’s a wallet. There are some DVDs and there’s an apple and an MP3 player. There isn’t a laptop. There aren’t any books in my bag but there’s a magazine.

9. What about you? Imagine you have got a new backpack. What have you got in it? Write six sentences.

In my backpack, there’s … .



1 hospital
2 train station
3 sports centre
4 bank
5 post office
6 shopping centre
7 park
8 cinema
9 bus station
10 police station
11 town square
12 café
13 museum
14 library

b) book–library
c) ball–sports centre
d) tree–park/town square
e) money–bank
f) coffee–café

b) sports centre
c) bank
d) town square
e) post office
f) museum

4. Possible answers: supermarket, playground, theatre, bookshop, music shop, swimming pool, art gallery, football stadium, restaurant.

a) False (TanyaCity has got a museum.)
b) True
c) False (Fabville has got houses.)
d) False (Fabville hasn’t got a school.)
e) True
f) True

a) There is
b) There are
c) There are
d) There is
e) There is
f) There are

a) Is there a mobile phone in your bag? Yes, there is.
b) Is there a swimming pool in your house? No, there isn’t.
c) Are there any English students in your class? Yes, there are.
d) Are there any libraries in your town? No, there aren’t.

There isn’t a wallet.
There isn’t an MP3 player.
There aren’t any DVDs.
There’s a laptop.
There isn’t an apple.

Students’ own answers