Diálogo curto para aprender phrasal verb - MISS OUT ON

You missed out on a great party!

Sarah: So, how was the party last night?
Dustin: Great, I had a lot of fun.
Sarah: Did Josh show up with his new girlfriend?
Dustin: He did, but he arrived really late. We all thought he wasn't coming anymore. By the way, your friend Dana was also there.
Sarah: Was she? What a pity I couldn't come!
Dustin: Yeah, you missed out on a great party, but don't worry, we are planning to organize another party soon.
Sarah: Sounds good! Do keep me posted.
Dustin: Sure! I hope you can make it next time.


Have fun: divertir-se
Show up: chegar, aparecer
What a pity: que pena
Miss out on: perder a oportunidade de fazer algo
Keep me posted: mantenha-me informado
Make it: ir a um evento

Referência: Inglês Fluente em 30 Lições de José Roberto A. Igreja