- ED and - ING Adjectives | Exercício com resposta

Usamos -ed adjectives para dizer como nos sentimos em relação a alguma coisa ou pessoa: Alice is exhausted by her work at the hospital. [Alice está exausta de trabalhar no hospital.] Helen is tired of studying. [Helen está cansada de estudar.]

Usamos -ing adjectives para dizer como alguma coisa ou pessoa nos faz sentir, ou seja, como ela é: Alice's job is very exciting. She gave someone mouth-to-mouth today. [O trabalho da Alice é muito emocionante. Ele fez boca a boca hoje.] It's surprising that Tim is paying for all of them at the pub! [É surpreendente que Tim esteja pagando o barzinho para todo mundo.]

Depressing / depressed
This weather is depressing! Is it ever going to stop raining? [Este clima/tempo é deprimente! Será que nunca vai parar de chover?]

I was feeling depressed, so I stayed at home with hot chocolate and a good book. [Estava me sentindo deprimido, então fiquei em casa com chocolate quente e um bom livro.]

  • It was such a long, boring flight (so I was bored).
  • I read a really interesting book about history (so I was interested).
  • Many people find spiders frightening (so they're frightened when they see spiders).

Tome cuidado! 'I'm boring' é bem diferente de 'I'm bored'
'I'm boring' significa que você é chato e não que a situação seja. E assim por diante com os outros adjetivos.

Para clarear, adjetivos terminados em -ed são usados para descrever como as pessoas se sentem e adjetivos terminados em -ing são usados para descrever coisas ou situações.

What an alarming noise! 
I was alarmed by the loud bang.
That TV programme is really amusing.
He was amused to hear his little son singing in the bath.
I've never seen such a boring film!
The students looked bored as the teacher talked and talked.
I find these instructions very confusing! Could you come and help me?
I was confused, because I asked two people and they told me two different things.
This weather is depressing! Is it ever going to stop raining?
I was feeling depressed, so I stayed at home with hot chocolate and a good book.
That is the most embarrassing photo! I look terrible!
John was really embarrassed when he fell over in front of his new girlfriend.
It's a really exciting book. I couldn't wait to find out what happened at the end.
I'm so excited! I'm going on holiday tomorrow!
I hate doing housework! It's exhausting!
Julie was so exhausted after her exams, she spent the next three days sleeping.
The brain is fascinating, isn't it? It's amazing how much it can do.
Joan was fascinated by her grandmother's stories of life in the 1920s.
What a frightening film! I don't want to walk home on my own now!
I was really frightened of bees when I was little, but I don't mind them now.
It's frustrating when you want to say something in another language, but you don't know the word.
I tried all morning to send an email, but it wouldn't work. I was so frustrated!
That was a very interesting book.
She's interested in animals, so she's thinking of studying to be a vet.
I find London a bit overwhelming. It's so busy and noisy.
Julie felt overwhelmed. She'd moved house, got a new job and was learning to drive, all at the same time.
A nice hot bath is so relaxing after a long day.
She was so relaxed, sitting in front of the fire, that she didn't want to move.
John loves his new job as a teacher. He says it's very satisfying when he makes a student understand.
I'm very satisfied that I managed to order the meal in French.
What a shocking crime! It's terrible.
I was shocked when my co-worked admitted stealing some money.
It's surprising how many people don't want to travel to another country.
She was surprised when she arrived at her class and found the other students doing an exam. She'd thought it was a normal lesson.
What a terrifying dog! It's huge!
My little son is terrified of the dark. We always leave a light on in his room at night.
What thrilling music! It's some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard.
I was thrilled to win first prize in the competition.
My job is really tiring. I don't get home until 10pm sometimes.
David's too tired to come to the cinema tonight. He's going to go to bed early.

Exercício - Escolha o adjetivo correto:

1. My nephew was (amusing / amused) by the clown. 
2. It’s so (frustrating / frustrated)! No matter how much I study I can’t seem to remember this vocabulary. 
3. This lesson is so (boring / bored)! 
4. I’m feeling (depressed / depressing), so I’m going to go home, eat some chocolate, and go to bed early with a good book. 
5. I thought her new idea was absolutely (fascinated / fascinating). 
6. This maths problem is so (confusing / confused). Can you help me? 
7. The teacher was really (amusing / amused) so the lesson passed quickly. 
8. The journey was (exhausting / exhausted)! Twelve hours by bus. 
9. The plane began to move in a rather (alarming / alarmed) way. 
10. He was (frightening / frightened) when he saw the spider. 
11. I was really (embarrassing / embarrassed) when I fell over in the street. 
12. That film was so (depressing / depressed)! There was no happy ending for any of the characters. 
13. I’m sorry, I can’t come tonight. I’m completely (exhausting / exhausted). 
14. We are going in a helicopter? How (exciting / excited)! 
15. Don’t show my baby photos to people, Mum! It’s so (embarrassing / embarrassed)! 
16. It’s okay, it’s only me. Don’t be (alarming / alarmed). 
17. My sister is so (exciting / excited) because she is going on holiday tomorrow. 
18. I hate long flights, I’m always really (boring / bored). 
19. She looked very (confusing / confused) when I told her we had to change the plan. 
20. John was (fascinated / fascinating) by Mandarin when he first started learning 
languages. He decided to study more and now he can speak it fluently. 


1. My nephew was amused by the clown. 
2. It’s so frustrating! No matter how much I study I can’t seem to remember this vocabulary. 
3. This lesson is so boring
4. I’m feeling depressed, so I’m going to go home, eat some chocolate, and go to bed early with a good book. 
5. I thought her new idea was absolutely fascinating
6. This maths problem is so confusing. Can you help me? 
7. The teacher was really amusing so the lesson passed quickly. 
8. The journey was exhausting! Twelve hours by bus. 
9. The plane began to move in a rather alarming way. 
10. He was frightened when he saw the spider. 
11. I was really embarrassed when I fell over in the street. 
12. That film was so depressing! There was no happy ending for any of the characters. 
13. I’m sorry, I can’t come tonight. I’m completely exhausted
14. We are going in a helicopter? How exciting
15. Don’t show my baby photos to people, Mum! It’s so embarrassing
16. It’s okay, it’s only me. Don’t be alarmed
17. My sister is so excited because she is going on holiday tomorrow. 
18. I hate long flights, I’m always really bored
19. She looked very confused when I told her we had to change the plan. 
20. John was fascinated by Mandarin when he first started learning languages. He decided to study more and now he can speak it fluently

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