Como anda seu LISTENING em inglês? Consegue compreender essa história? (listening exercise)

Can you answer these questions?

1. What attracted Isabel to Copenhagen? (3 things)
2. What website did Isabel use to book her accommodation?
3. How long had the host lived in Copenhagen?
4. Why was there some confusion between the host and Isabel?
5. What expression did you hear meaning to relax? (hint: hair)
6. What three options were offered for breakfast?
7. Why did the host trim his moustache? (2 reasons)
8. How much does it cost to hire a bike for 1 day?
9. Why does the host recommend avoiding the centre?
10. What does ‘to go off the beaten track’ mean?


1. The stunning architecture, the relaxed atmosphere and the delicious pastries.
2. Airbnb.
3. 5 years.
4. Isabel thought she had booked the apartment for herself (without the host).
5. To let your hair down.
6. Scrambled eggs, poached eggs and beans on toast. 
7. To make a good impression and because it makes drinking tea easier.
8. 14 Euros.
9. Because there are hoards of tourists.
10. It means to explore less touristy areas and go where local people go. 

Fonte: Amigos Ingleses